Thursday, September 7, 2017

Ice Age 5 - Day of the Triffids

We went out to the Bangor City Forest and Orono Bog on Sunday. The forest is a nice wander through mixed woodland with some very nice dragonflies at this time of year. Particularly numerous were the White Faced Meadowhawks seen here happily mating.

And then the rarely resting Canadian Darner honoured me with a lengthy rest and pose.

The bog is not at all what I was expecting. You step out of the forest on a nicely maintained boardwalk and the whole vista just opens up. It's amazing, this is a remnant of the last ice age; largely unchanged since the glaciers retreated.
And they made a big deal of the fact that they have Pitcher plants. So I set out determined to track down these elusive things. I was surprised when I stepped into the boardwalk that about half the plants making up the bog were the very thing I was looking for. And they are BIG with flower stems about 18 inches tall. Triffids indeed!

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