Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Catching Up

Well it started snowing back December 10th 2017. It stopped in March. Well on and off. And by the middle of April it had entirely departed.
And now the spring sun is with us and time is taken up with planting a garden. There is a big yard ( 2 1/2 acres) but there was nothing but some grass and a hell of a lot of trees. A small forest would be a good description. So now there are three raised beds (4x7, 4x14, 8x8 feet) full of nice new loam and well rotted farmyard manure. These are being planted with perrenials and a stumpery constructed. Now it does occur to me that with some acre and a half of woodland we don't have any shortage of stumps but stumperies are very fashionable on Gardeners World these days. Yes we now get Gardener's World on Friday night just like the Brits. I think Mrs. B. may be in love with Monty Don.
Besides gardening there is still wildlife to photograph.
Carabus auratus 
Actually a European import brought here in the 1940s to control Gypsy Moth. Not a success but still resident in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont . Big and green and lightening fast I only managed to capture it on my phone.

We have the regular grey squirrels of course but we also have red squirrels and vast numbers of these , the chipmunk.

We also have a bunch of new birds. A couple of the same woodpeckers as Virginia although with far more Piliated in the yard. Many Black Capped Chickadees, our state bird. And this one the Eastern Phoebe.

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