Saturday, August 4, 2018

How Do The Angels Get To Sleep When The Devil Leaves The Porchlight On?

I know, it's been quiet at Mainly Banished of late. But I've been busy recently keeping  the house up. It's been warm, as seems to have been the case everywhere this summer, unseasonably so. Around 90f is hotter than hell for Maine, especially consistantly, day in day out for a couple of weeks.
I have a bunch of stuff to post from the last few weeks but I thought I'd start with the products of the many warm nights that punctuate the succession of warm days. These have produced a whole long list of moths around the porchlights, either every evening or the leftovers every morning. 
 Of the bigger specimens this is the Waved Sphinx (Ceratomia undulosa)
 Slightly smaller but very striking I think is this Lettered Habrosyne ( Habrosyne scripta) with it's odd 'blank' area at the base of the forewing.
 This looked like another Sphinx to me initially but turned out to be a Black Rimmed Prominent (Pheosia rimosa).
 Much smaller and not totally identified yet is this member of the Haploa genus. They all have striking chocolate and cream patterning like this but within each species there is a lot of pattern variation and that makes ID difficult. A week after posting BugGuide still haven't got a concrete identification.

Smaller again but very pretty is the White-Ribboned Carpet (Mesoleuca ruficillata)
 Another Sphinx species was found resting on the basil on the deck after a long warm evening. This seems to be the Twin-Spotted Sphinx (Smerinthus jamaicensis)

Finally for now here is the day-flying Hummingbird Clearing ( Hemaris thysbe). This particular specimen was very active on the beebalm for a good hour yesterday afternoon
As for the title of today's post, then see below.

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